This injury could be either a complete or near complete rupture. Most patients are men, in their 40s and it occurs > 80% in the dominant arm.
Risk factors
1 Anabolic steroids use
2 Smoking history
3 Degenaration of the tendon
Patients will complain of a sharp pain with a pop during a sudden extension of a flexed forearm. Patient will report weakness and pain, primarily in supination. The examiner will appreciate a loss of the normal contour of the biceps,a palpable defect in the antecubital fossa and a medial ecchimosis.
X-rays are usually normal but can show a fleck of bone. The study of choice is an MRI.
If you are an old, frail, low-demand individual, a supportive management followed by therapy will do it but will come with considerable loss of function.
If you are young and healthy, surgery is the way to go.
Dr. Pierre-Pierre

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